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We are here to help your transform your skin. As your ParaMedical  skin care coach, helping you to meet your goals. Creating your personal plan for your skin care goals you want to achieve with lasting results.

1. Set in a space of bliss and beauty, Divine Skin Aesthetics offers you a skin consultation with an assessment of your skin and treatment option plan. We have you fill out your forms and medical history background of your skin care regimen.  Combining the best in luxurious and relaxing treatments. These 60-90 minute treatments will visibly help your skin. Designed to recapture your skins youth. Exceptionally luminous skin.


2. Each product is selected for your skin type and strength adjusted accordingly. These opulent specialized clinical facial treatments are results-oriented  tailored to your skin care needs. Your skin will be lavished with sumptuous layers of concentrated cutting edge cosmeceutical line of ingredients for restoring natural radiance.  Final, best part of your clinical facial treatment,  we offer Oxygen Infusion with no added cost to the treatments. We offer various levels of skin care programs to help your skin condition.  If your unsure of your skin care needs you don't have to specify your preferred treatment. We will consult before your treatment to  determine best course of treatment for your skin care needs. Rejuvenate aging skin with our AgeManagementRx treatment that offers you the very best in anti-aging treatment services. Oxygen Infusion and Celluma LED Light Therapy are included in the treatment. Stimulate, Refresh, and Repair aging skin with our services that provide your skin with vitamins, peptides, stem cells, humectant infusion, intense hydration and cellular energy to help heal, promote collagen and elastin to maximize your whole treatment leaving your skin smooth, radiant and glowing.

3. You will be given Pre and Post Care Instructions with a complimentary Post Balm on first visit.

4.  Optional: Post-care treatments are available for those who want the highest level of service.

These are the perfect treatments for you if:

-You’ve been considering a facial clinical treatment or peel, but do not want to experience a lot of “down time” post treatment.
-You love facials, but are looking for a treatment that goes a bit deeper.
-Your skin is irritated and in need of calming, healing and anti-inflammatory support.
-Your skin is dull, dry, and/or sluggish and needs a boost.
-You suffer from hyper pigmentation and want a skin brightening treatment.
-You’re looking for an ultimate in anti aging treatment packed with cutting edge cosmeceutical ingredients.

Services offered for these skin conditions:

* Anti-aging 
* Age Spots
* Acne treatments, Blackheads, Cystic,  Hormonal, Milia
* Rosecea 

* Fine line and Wrinkles
* Scar Revision
* Firming & Toning

* Pigmentation
* Melasma 
* Dermatitis for healing support

* Keratitis Polaris

* Sebaceous Hyperplasia 

* Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Oily Dry, Compromised  Skin Barrier

* Irritation and Inflammation

* All Ethnicities  


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