Post Care Collagen Induction Therapy (Microchanneling, Microneedling)

Rhonda Allison's Post Peel System for Micro Needling soothes skin and helps aid healing following any professional procedure. Perfect for all skin types, especially wounded, traumatized skin, to accelerate cell renewal, relieve itching, help reduce redness and provide essential moisture.

Post Peel System – Micro Needling Kits Include: (K173)

  • CITRUS GEL CLEANSER -  With Shea Butter (30ml)
  • CUCUMBER SPRITZ- Hydrating Mist (30ml)
  • THERAPY E SERUM – Vitamin E Essential (30ml)
  • HYALURONIC SERUM – Liquid Moisture Drops (30ml)
  • GROWTH FACTOR GEL – Matte Finish Rejuvenator (10ml)

    Post Care Collagen Induction Therapy (Microchanneling, Microneedling)


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