AnteAGE Facial To Glow Microchanneling Kit

The AnteAGE® Stem Cell Facial To Glow Kit is a home facial kit featuring microneedle stamping, regenzyme exfoliant, and stem cell technology. It contains everything you need for an at-home facial using microchanneling technology to increase the skin's ability to produce collagen.


Each kit has been designed for two complete facials on one person. Do not share the microneedle stamp.


Why We Love It

This multi-step kit brings advanced skincare directly into your home. This home facial kit features multiple AnteAGE® skincare products and a regenzyme exfoliant typically reserved for professionals. Since social distancing policies have been in place getting a professional facial has been a little hard, so AnteAGE® did us all a little favor by assembling this kit. The AnteAGE® Stem Cell Facial To Glow Kit helps with sagging, fine lines, and overall skin health.


What's Included

  • 5 ml Cleanser
  • 10 ml Regenzyme Exfoliant (typically only available for professionals!)
  • Mini Fan Brush
  • Disposable Towel
  • 5 ml Home Growth Factor Solution Vial
  • Microchanneling 0.25mm stamp
  • 5 ml Serum
  • 5 ml Accelerator


Recommended Use



Always begin with a clean face. Apply the AnteAGE® Cleanser to a dry face and massage in using circular movements. Rinse with warm water and towel skin dry.



Next, using the provided Fan Brush, gently apply the AnteAGE® Regenzyme to cover the entire face. The powerful enzymes in this formula are supercharged by steam, so applying this step in a steamy bathroom is a bonus. Once applied, warm the single-use moist towel in the microwave. Open to ensure a safe temperature and then drape the cotton towel on the face and allow the Regenzyme to work for 10 minutes. Remove the product thoroughly with warm water.



Now your skin is clean and prepped to receive the healing power of growth factors. Begin by rolling the Ante AGE Home Microneedling Solution vial all over the face. Using the enclosed .25 mm Microchanneling Stamp, gently stamp the Solution into your skin in sections going horizontal and vertical. You may stamp the entire surface of the face several times to maximize the benefits. Remember to reapply the Solution generously.



Once you have finished Microchanneling, apply two pumps of AnteAGE® Serum and two pumps of AnteAGE® Accelerator to face, neck, and decolletage.


"This is the perfect system for those new to microneedling. I find the stamp to be less painful than rolling, yet just as effective.

While this system is acne-safe and suitable for all skin types, it is not recommended for use on inflamed blemishes." ~ Jeana

AnteAGE Facial To Glow Microchanneling Kit