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ProCell Microchanneling

Improves the clinical health of your skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body already has.

Divine Skin Aesthetics is pleased to offer the
ProCell Therapies Microchanneling with Peptides, Growth Factors and Stem Cytokines!

ProCell Microchanneling is Microneedling EVOLVED!
We add Microderm+Microchanneling and STEM CELLS $275 with and hydrating exfoliation to your treatment and take home mask + Balm.

ProCell Microchanneling with Hyaluronic (No STEM CELLS) $185

Offering only the BEST for your skin! Are you looking for a quick way to completely change the way your skin looks and feels, with virtually no downtime? Does it sound too good to be true?

Unlike other treatments that injure or damage the skin to activate a healing response.  ProCell Microchanneling stimulates cells called keratinocytes that activate the production of new collagen by stimulation, rather than damage. While IPL, Chemical Peels & Laser Treatments have their place in aesthetic skin care, they all producte improvement by injuring the skin to cause healing response for rejuvenation. ProCell Microchanneling therapy amazingly improves the skin's health and appearance.


ProCell improves the appearance of aging skin, increases vitality of your skin, and reduces appearance of fine line, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne&scarrring. ProCell improves the clinical health of your skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body already has.


ProCell just turns it on! ProCell Microchanneling is a  Cosmetic Medical Treatment when we add Microdermabrasion amd STEM CELLS which is better than PRP (Vampire Facial) because our source is from Bone Marrow, pristine and purified in an FDA lab.  Your skin will feel smooth and soft after this treatment.


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