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Callie is the QUEEN of Skin Care! Callie is a miracle worker. My acne has calmed down and overall complexion looks amazing - and it's only been one day since receiving a treatment from her! 

Over 500 5 - STAR REVIEWS

Cosmetic Aesthetics

Procedures to enhance your skins natural glow. We offer you natural fresher, glossier, perkier skin with our latest GLOW Facial Bar and our  "glow-cedures" leaving your fresh faced. Look Good Feel Confident.

"Fountain of Youth"

ProCell Microchanneling Our clients are raving over these treatments. Almost everyone desires to look younger and appealing to help with age prevention. Turning back the years. Younger, Smoother Firmer & Tighter Skin. An Ageless Adventure. 


Certified Medical Aesthetician/ Laser Technician 

Meet Callie


Welcome to Divine Skin Aesthetics, a Clinical Studio where we offer Cosmetic Aesthetics services to help enhance your skin. We want to help you feel confident and comfortable in your skin and we are passionate and enjoy educating our clients on ways to correct, protect, and maintain a healthy and radiant complexion. We want you to have a positive experience and a luminous glow.   

Callie's extensive background has been working in Denver, Colorado and Alamo, California. I've assisted patient services while working in Denver, Colorado providing services in the Laser services for Laser Center. We offered Laser Hair Removal, IPL Laser treatments, Skin Tightening.  She has a passion for cosmetic aesthetics and experience in Skin Pen Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion and advanced customized Chemical Peels while assessing each individual skin type for these treatments. Notably, she Certified in 2012 for Laser Tattoo Removal with the RevLite Medical Laser from Rocky Mountain College.

Offering extensive experience as a Medical Aesthetician working in Med-Spas and Dermatology providing services in corrective aesthetics.

We are happy to be offering a variety of services and amenities designed to help you unwind, indulge, and improve your appearance.

We have designed our approach to suit the modern spa frequenter. Our treatments and services focus on primarily effectiveness.

Bringing you the absolute best treatments we can offer. We want you to meet your goals.


Click "Book Now" to select a GLOW  Facial treatment and the best appointment time for you. Proven Skin Care to rejuvenate the skin to reveal softer, smoother skin. Based on our clients' experiences, we are happy to say we have over!         500 Amazing  5-Star Rave Reviews. 

GLOW! Oxygen Facials

"Red Carpet Ready!" Refine, revive and renew. Celebrity Hollywood Treatment for smoother, brighter skin and a youthful boost, in a simple 30-min facial treatment. Paired with Nano-Infusion it enhances moisture levels by 97% giving your skin a supercharged glow. 

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Chemical Exfoliation

Clinical Designer Peels and Laser skin resurfacing treatments both provide a refreshed appearance to the skin. These treatments are excellent for first time peel clients and produce exfoliating benefits.